In collaboration of YD Yazılım, RUSMER and TEDÜ we are excited to announce 2nd space conference we invite the very special Hero of Russia, Aleksandr Lazutkin to explain his extraordinary time spent in space. The Russian Federation Embassy will also be attending to support the hero of Russia.


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Aleksandr Lazutkin
Pilot-Cosmonaut of the Russian Federation,
Hero of the Russian Federation.
Member of board of the All-Russian Children and Youth Center for Aerospace Education named after S. P. Korolev.
Awarded the Gold Star Medal of the Hero of the VRussian Federation.
Awarded the medal "For Merit in Space Exploration".
He was also awarded the NASA Space flight Medal and the NASA Public Service Medal.
From February 10 to August 15, 1997 as a flight engineer of Soyuz TM-25 spacecraft and OK Mir, he took part in the space expedition under the program of the 23rd main expedition.
The flight duration was 184 days 22 hours 7 minutes 40 seconds.